Metal Price

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As of September 9, 2011 click here...

Mineral Unit Closing Price Source
Gold US$/oz. 1,860.10 BSP
Silver US$/oz. 42.20 BSP
Copper US$/mt 8,799.75
Alum. H.G. US$/mt 2,332.50 LME
Alum. Alloy US$/mt 2,288.00 LME
Lead US$/mt 2,473.25 LME
Nickel US$/mt 21,129.00
Tin US$/mt 23,448.00 LME
Zinc UScts/lb. 2,167.25 LME
Palladium free US$/troy oz. 738.99 BW
Palladium JMI base US$/troy oz. 738.00 BW
Platinum free US$/troy oz. 1,833.30
Platinum JMI base US$/troy oz. 1,829.00 BW
Kruggerand fob US$/troy oz. 1,841.00 BW
Iridium, whs rot US$/troy oz. 1,055.00 BW
Rhodium, whs rot US$/troy oz. 1,825.00 BW
Chromium (Mar.15, 2010) US$/mt 10,300.00 LME
Chromite Ore * US$/mt 230 USGS
Manganese (46-48% Mn)* US$/mt 8.0 (C.I.F.) USGS
Iron Ore (67.5% Fe)* US$/mt 90 USGS


BSP - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
LME - London Metal Exchange
BW - Business World
USGS - U.S. Geological Survey
WB - World Bank
* - average price 2010

As posted by the DENR-MGB Central Office, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

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